The Vermont Department of Health reported 151 new Covid-19 cases Thursday and disclosed two more deaths in its data.


The 151 cases were lower than the previous day’s total of 328 cases. Overall, Vermont’s seven-day average is 225 cases per day — still one of the highest averages ever reported.

It’s worth noting that cases may vary each day because of varying test numbers, which have ranged from about 2,000 tests to more than 12,000 tests per day over the course of the past two weeks.

While it’s difficult to say if the latest test figures are responsible for Thursday’s relatively low case count, it’s indicative that a single day’s case tally is less important than the trend over a weekly time period.

The two additional deaths disclosed Thursday brought the total up to 342 people who have died since the beginning of the pandemic. That includes 14 deaths reported since Oct. 1.

Forty-seven people are in the hospital with the virus, including 19 in intensive care units — the highest number of people in the ICU since Sept. 21.

Vermont reports 25 long-term care deaths

On Tuesday, Vermont reported case counts for nine long-term care facilities with ongoing outbreaks, defined as places that have reported a new Covid-19 case in the past two weeks.

Health department spokesperson Erik Filkhorn shared data with VTDigger that shows those facilities have had 11 deaths from those outbreaks. Combined with data from previous outbreaks, that means there have been at least 25 deaths among long-term care facility residents since the beginning of the Delta surge, including 15 since Sept. 15, according to department spokesperson Ben Truman.

It’s unclear how many cases have occurred in total, since the department does not report cases that have occurred in places that didn’t have an outbreak. The nine facilities with outbreaks reported 146 cases in total.

The department removed four facilities from the list of outbreaks, while adding five more facilities.

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