Friday, October 7, 2022

Tag: Transparency

For Bulgaria, Borissov’s comeback is no path to stability

Dimitar Bechev is a lecturer at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe and the author...

Germany opposes EU price cap on all gas imports

BERLIN — The German government said Friday it remains opposed to an EU-wide mechanism to enforce a price cap on nautral gas imports...

EU takes Malta to court over ‘golden passport’ program

The European Commission announced Thursday that it will take legal action against Malta’s investor citizenship or “golden passport” scheme. Under the scheme, Malta offers...

Putting trust at the heart of public services

Digitalization and personalization are key aspects of our decade. Crucial tools for commercial sectors, citizens now expect government services to take them on...

EU stonewalls over von der Leyen’s role in multibillion-euro Pfizer jab deal

With every passing day, the negotiations held between the European Commission and Pfizer over the EU’s largest COVID-19 vaccine contract look less like...

Greece’s opposition parties rail at Mitsotakis over ‘Greek Watergate’ inquiry

ATHENS — Greece’s opposition parties are railing against the conservative government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis over the inquiry into a wiretapping scandal dubbed...