Boa may not have his new powers under control, but the Tian Sha disciple does have a grudge with Solo Sikoa, laying waste to “The Street Champion of the Islands” with a surprise backstage attack.

Boa has tried to get his new powers under control for weeks, but every time he switches into his dark alter ego, he loses control and lashes out, leaving him stunned and confused when he eventually snaps out of his fugue.

Boa recently unleashed his fury on Sikoa, attacking him following his match with Edris Enofé and only only relinquishing his grip after being pulled off Sikoa by Enofé.

After another surprise beating by Boa, Sikoa is looking to even the score inside the squared circle.

Whose ferocity will prove to be more powerful as the two clash Tuesday night on NXT 2.0 at 8/7 C on USA?

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