Roman Reigns failed to appear on WWE Smackdown on Friday, one of the few times this year he has missed the show. Adam Pearce appeared to explain Brock Lesnar’s suspension and to fine him, and Paul Heyman was shown reacting.

Pearce fined Brock Lesnar $1 million. Pearce filmed his video from home. The Usos main evented Smackdown against New Day. Reigns did appear after the show in a dark match six man tag.

The former WWE star Shawn Stasiak recently revealed that the company almost fired him before making his on-screen return in 2001.

Shawn Stasiak reveals John Laurinaitis almost fired him

Stasiak was one of many WCW stars who had appeared in an executive box at WrestleMania 17 following Vince McMahon’s purchase of the promotion. He had participated in an out-of-character media interview without permission from WWE’s higher authorities. Big E Drops Undertaker Last Match Bombshell

Speaking on The Hannibal TV, Stasiak said WWE executive John Laurinaitis nearly fired him due to the interview.

“I almost didn’t make it back for the second tenure. I was almost fired before I could come back from my first tenure when I was fired. I was like, ‘I can’t get nothing right with this company,’ and I hadn’t even stepped foot on WWE’s soil yet. I was still in my hotel room. But somehow they said, ‘Come on down, we’ll work something out,’” Stasiak said.

Stasiak further added that he was unable to understand why nobody told him he was forbidden from speaking to the media after Vince McMahon bought WCW. He was also known as Meat in WWE. He previously worked for Vince McMahon’s company in 1998 and 1999 before joining WCW.

His only WrestleMania appearance took place in 2001 when cameras quickly panned to some of WWE’s new recruits from WCW.

“[WWE] stuck us in a box. That was my WrestleMania moment, by the way. That’s the only WrestleMania moment that I’ve ever had, by the way. About five seconds on a camera with a bunch of guys in a box,” Stasiak said.

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