The Rachel Balkovec bullet train continues to speed forward, and she encourages you to hop aboard.

“If you know my story and you have a pulse, I think it’s pretty hard not to get behind what’s going on here,” Balkovec said Wednesday during a Zoom news conference, as the Yankees formally introduced her as the manager of the Low-A Tampa Tarpons, making her the first full-time female skipper in affiliated baseball.

“…It’s the American dream. There’s definitely been some dark times that I’ve been able to overcome…that I think that everybody can enjoy a piece of my story.”

Balkovec retold her story of how, thwarted in efforts to succeed in the sports world because of her gender, she began applying for openings as “Rae” Balkovec, a tactic that worked, sadly, in landing more opportunities.

Yankees vice president of player development Kevin Reese, who hired Balkovec in November 2019 as a minor-league hitting coach, said, “There (are) very small moves where we have heated discussions. But this is about (Balkovec’s) qualifications and her ability to lead. It was relatively quick. The toughest part was talking her into it.”

Rachel Balkovec was hit coaching for the Yankees Florida Complex League team.
Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec called her journey the “American dream.”

Balkovec reiterated on Wednesday that her ultimate goal is to become a major-league general manager, an idea that the Yankees’ current GM welcomed. 

“She’s determined. She’s strong. She’s got perseverance,” Brian Cashman said of Balkovec. “She’s got a plan for what she wants to do in the present and where she wants to go in the future. I would not put any limitations on what her future would entail. She’s willing to go to the ends of the Earth to accomplish her goal.”

Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec has designs on one day becoming a major league general manager.

The 34-year-old, who played softball at the University of New Mexico, worked for the Cardinals, Astros and White Sox before joining the Yankees. She also had gigs with the Australian Baseball League, the Dominican Winter League, the Arizona Fall League and Arizona State University.

She served as an apprentice hitting coach for the Netherlands National Baseball and Softball programs while earning a master’s degree in biomechanics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam after she left the Astros and before she joined the Yankees. That marked her second masters; she earned her first one, in sports administration, at LSU.

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