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Instagram feeds are flooding with Halloween looks that celebrities chose this year.

In no particular order– because how could we choose– here are 10 celebrity costumes for the 2021 holiday.

Lizzo posted a series of pictures Saturday showing off her look as “Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child.”

Chrissy Teigen’s family turned into the kooky Addams family.

Robert Irwin, son of the late Crocodile Hunter, stayed on theme with zookeeping that had a twist– Loki’s horned helmet on both Irwin and a four-legged friend.

Justin Bieber posted Saturday night dressed in what appears to be a bear outfit accessorized with bling.

Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, dressed up as Britney Spears in her 2009 hit music video “… Baby One More Time.”

On her own Instagram page, Hailey explained the first concert she ever went to was of Britney Spears and she has “been shook ever since.”

Mindy Kaling shared in a post that she loves dressing up for Halloween, so she did it a few times this year– first in a series of photos as several legendary comedians, and Saturday as a sweet strawberry.

Singer Alessia Cara became Amy Winehouse, who Cara has credited in several interviews as part of her inspiration as an artist.

Camila Cabello shared a video of her “makeshift” Halloween costume that commemorates the Day of the Dead starting Monday.

Next up is Cole Sprouse, inspired by the anime series Attack on Titan.

Last but not least, Reese Witherspoon is audition-ready for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

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