SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A fix to stop the sinking and leaning of San Francisco’s Millennium Tower has caused the problem to get worse.

It was five years ago when we first learned the 58 story tower was having issues.


Since that time, a plan was developed to reinforce the building by sinking pilings down to the bedrock — That began at the beginning of this summer but the repair project was put on hold when it was determined the installation of the pilings was causing more sinking and tilting.

Engineers determined that among the potential causes was the vibration caused by the drilling or the over-excavation of soil.

Now a fix of the fix: A revised installation pilot program is set to begin on Tuesday.

City officials and project engineers will monitor the work and sensors have also been set up to collect data.

If additional sinking and tilting exceed what’s been deemed acceptable, the repair will be stopped and engineers will return to the drawing board to come up with yet another fix.

In the meantime, Supervisor Aaron Peskin who has convened hearings on this building in the past will hold another one early next month to discuss this latest series of problems.

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