There are plenty of smart lights to pick from in the market, so how do you ensure you’re making the best choice? To make it easier, let us break it down for you. Primarily, most people pick smart lights for the convenience of voice command usage, plethora of fun colour options, mood lighting, automated scheduling options amongst others.
Scheduling and timers: Look out for smart bulbs that allow you to automate your lighting schedules to suit your lifestyle. These lights can be scheduled to wake you up in the morning, welcome you home and help you drift off to sleep at night.
Ease of usage: Smart lights can now be controlled through multiple inputs, so look out for bulbs that can be controlled via both app and voice. This will allow you flexibility to turn on your lights from any corner of your home using your phone or your smart assistant.
Interoperability: Before you buy a smart bulb, check its compatibility with other smart devices you currently own or plan to buy. You definitely want to know if the smart LED bulbs you are planning to buy can be operated independently via their own app or can also be integrated into a larger smart home ecosystem. This is an important aspect to remember, considering the slew of smart home and IoT technologies being launched by the biggest tech-brands.
Color tunability: Smart bulbs now offer you a lighting color range of more than 16 million colours. You can also tune your light from cool to warm light to suit your daily tasks, whether you are reading or relaxing at home.
Range of lighting products: While most smart lights are currently in the form of round bulbs, there are also brands that offer a wide range of smart lighting products to suit your requirements. You can choose from Philips Smart Wi-Fi range of LED bulbs, Battens, Downlighters or LED strips for all your lighting needs.
Nikhil Gupta, head of marketing & integrated communications and commercial operations, South Asia, Signify

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