If you want to know her current contract status, we’d recommend asking someone else.

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It has been more than two and a half years since Ronda Rousey wrestled her last match in WWE. The Baddest Woman On The Planet lost the Raw Women’s Title to Becky Lynch in the main event of WrestleMania 35, the first time female performers have ever headlined the show. There have been rumors that Rousey would return between then and now, especially since she may still be under contract with WWE.

Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Know Her Contract Status

If you were to go to Rousey herself for clarification on where exactly she stands when it comes to her wrestling career right now, you’ll leave none the wiser. The former Women’s Champion fielded questions while streaming on Facebook this week, at which time she revealed even she doesn’t know if she is currently under contract with the company.


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“I technically — I don’t think I am. But who knows? That’s a question for the lawyers,” Rousey said. That she doesn’t know implies that her deal was an appearance-based one rather than a contract during which she earned a regular wage. Since she hasn’t been appearing, she hasn’t been getting paid. According to Wrestling Inc, Rousey’s contract came to an end back in April of this year, so since she doesn’t appear to have signed an extension, odds are she is currently a free agent.

Ronda Rousey And Natalya Cropped

A Potential Return

As for a potential return, Rousey isn’t very clear on that either. Although she admitted that she and Stephanie McMahon keep in touch, when asked if she’ll be back, Rousey was reluctant to give a definitive answer. “I don’t know. When I feel like it. Eventually, when I feel like. I don’t know,” was Rousey’s reply.

If Rousey is going to wrestle again, it’s probably going to be a while. It has only been two months since The Rowdy One gave birth, and while we don’t doubt that she is already back training, that won’t translate to an in-ring return for a while. WWE keeping Rousey under contract for at least two years after her last match indicates the company banked on her being back. However, Rousey’s life, and the state of the world and the business, has changed a lot since then.

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