Fortunately, people can recognize the differences between a true and a deceptive vaccine claim by looking at the fruits the claim bears — a true claim produces positive and uplifting life experiences; whereas a deceptive claim produces negative and debilitating life experiences, including death.

Apparently, some people have forgotten that the person who started the COVID-19 lies is the same person who claimed extraordinary success in his warp speed development of the COVID-19 vaccine; in addition, this person received a vaccination to protect himself. It is also important to note that some of his ardent followers and deceivers in the U.S. Capitol and several states’ capitol buildings have protected themselves by getting vaccinated, too.

Unfortunately, some people appear reluctant to examine deceptive vaccine claims, to discover whether or not they are true. This examination appears too difficult to undertake for some because they may have succumbed to these deceptions for too long, and their selfish motives and pride will not let them admit that they have been duped. This blocks the way to the truth and the vaccine for them.

It may be helpful to everyone if the deceivers, who are themselves vaccinated, would tell us why they did not refuse to take the vaccination that they are advising people to refuse.

Recognizing the facts about this vaccine and the harm these deceptive claims have caused to date — more than 700,000 deaths in the United States alone — the vaccine deceivers’ claims should not be believed or trusted.

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