CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Jessica Baladad was only 18 when she found a tumor in her breast while performing a self-exam. That one was benign, and she he had a lumpectomy. About 15 years later, she found another one that turned out to be Stage 2B breast cancer.

She’s far from alone. One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, according to statistics from the Tennessee Department of Health. And most women who die from it don’t have access to healthcare, Montgomery County Health Department Director Joey Smith told Clarksville Now.

Breast cancer risks increase with age, but you’re never too young to develop breast cancer. Baladad said knowing your body is the best way to be an advocate for yourself.

“Before I did the self breast exam, I had my well women’s exam with my practitioner, she performed a clinical exam on my breasts and she didn’t say anything about a lump. So when I found a lump two weeks later during my exam, I thought ‘Oh, I’m fine.’”

Baladad said performing a breast self-exam saved her life, and she wants other people to be more health-conscious. She developed the Feel For Your Life app, which started out as a social media movement that followed her journey. She said the lack of knowledge her loved ones had about breast self-exams was disconcerting.

“When I was coming out and telling my story to my friends and loved ones, they would ask me ‘How did you even know you had cancer’ or ‘What made you suspect that you had cancer?’ I said, ‘Well, I do my self breast exams.’”

Too often, her friends and family didn’t know anything about breast self-exam.

The app gives you the option to take control of your health by setting reminders to perform regular breast exams, but that isn’t all it does. The app also gives you resources to where you can check things such as your genetics, testing centers, information about various surgeries and non-surgical operations, and more.

“I have some prompts in there that will let you answer some questions and get you more familiar with your breasts,” Baladad said.

The Feel For Your Life app is free and available in Google Play and the iPhone App Store.


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