Bray Wyatt promises to feed his baby birds, appears to hit back at reports he had weight issues in WWE.

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Bray Wyatt posted a mysterious tweet on Friday vowing to feed his baby birds. Plus, what appears to be a response to reports he had weight issues in WWE.

WWE has released a lot of big names this year, some of which have shown up elsewhere after allowing their non-compete clauses to expire. However, perhaps the released name with the most interest attached to it is Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was released on July 31, 2021, which means if he has a standard WWE non-compete, he will be free to appear elsewhere starting October 29.

13 Days Until The End Of Wyatt’s Non-Compete

That means we are now less than two weeks away from Wyatt possibly popping up somewhere else. The frontrunners right now seem to be AEW and Impact, with Wyatt likely having the option to work for both since the forbidden door between the two has been kicked down. With two weeks to go, Wyatt tweeted a cryptic message which might hint where he will wrestle next.

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“Don’t worry…. I’ll feed ya baby birds,” Wyatt tweeted, shortly before SmackDown and Rampage went on the air on Friday night. That naturally sent Twitter into a frenzy as fans continue to try and figure out who exactly Wyatt’s baby birds are. One fan even dug up a Christopher Daniels tweet from 2012 in which the AEW star made reference to feeding baby birds on Impact.

Lookin’ Lean Fiendy

Wyatt’s tweet was accompanied by a photo of himself as The Fiend. Not only might that suggest he can somehow use the character outside of WWE, but he also replied to his own tweet saying “looking lean Fiendy”. That might well be a response to a report this week that one of the reasons Wyatt was released by WWE was due to weight issues.

Wyatt also continues to use the Kult Of Windham hashtag, suggesting he might well start up a Wyatt Family type faction outside of WWE. He has also changed his name to Windham, his actual first name, on Twitter. His Twitter handle is still @WWEBrayWyatt which has some fans thinking he’ll return to the company. However, he might just not have to change it until his non-compete ends and he is no longer being paid by WWE.

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