Sunday, September 25, 2022

Babies replaced by fire-breathing creatures in gaming campaign | Advertising | Campaign Asia


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Chinese gaming company Goat Games needed a way to promote its new game ‘Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas’, a free-to-play card-based role-playing game. Because the game gives players the ability to create new generations of playable heroes by harnessing the power of bloodlines, BBH went the direction of innovating the look of an offspring.

The campaign, called ‘New Legends Are Born’ depicts the birthing journey of a ‘new legend’—in the case of this ad, a rather intriguing little chap with bat-like wings, a tail, and electricity running through him. Another iteration of the campaign shows a horned infant crying in a hospital nursery. Cute. 

Kelly Pon, chief creative officer of BBH China, said:

We fell in love with the game concept. There are elements of romance, fantasy, legacy, intrigue, and legends to be made, all translated into a mobile game with great character traits and strategic gameplay. The IP is rich in terms of the stories we can tell, with as many levers we can pull in its activation. It was immediately clear to us, that it would be a fun brand to build together. Kudos to a brave client team as well, for believing in the work.

Ad Nut is entertained by these evocative creatures despite being slightly terrified of them. Ad Nut is of the opinion that horned, winged newborns with electricity running through them are still better-looking than baby murderous beasts that humans seem to mysteriously fawn over. 



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