Saturday, September 24, 2022

Another Former WWE Star Returns on WWE SmackDown – PWMania – Wrestling News


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If you weren’t paying close attention, you might have missed the apparent return of another former WWE star.

Friday’s WWE SmackDown featured a “Viking Funeral” segment. The purpose of the segment was to make the point that The Viking Raiders are moving on because Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, who were brutally attacked by Erik and Ivar, are now yesterday’s news.

The segment that was pre-recorded features Erick, Ivar, and an unidentified woman having paint applied to their faces. Although part of the woman’s face was obstructed, it was fairly easy to identify Sarah Rowe (aka Sarah Logan). Erik’s wife in real life.

Although WWE hasn’t officially confirmed that she’s signed, it’s likely that Triple H would be interested in bringing her back now that he’s in charge. While she was in NXT, Triple H supported her because of her talent. 

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Here is a clip from the segement:


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