With how many talented wrestlers there are throughout the world, there is bound to be a fair share that has their own unique talents outside of the world of wrestling. Whether the talent comes from a childhood passion or just something they learned to fill their long and hectic travel schedules, there are plenty of fantastic things many wrestling fans don’t know their favorite wrestlers are experts at.

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Over the years, there have been a lot of classic icons who have appeared on various shows to show off their personal collections that suit their taste, but few offer their hidden talents. It may be that wrestlers were shy with showing off alternative interests years ago thanks to kayfabe, but with the advent of social media, many wrestlers now show off all the unique skills that they have.

9 Asuka – Gaming

When Asuka made her way to WWE, there were many fans of Japanese wrestling that were worried she wouldn’t be used properly or treated with the proper amount of respect. All of that flew out the window when Asuka immediately became a dominant force in WWE.

She actually has a surprising history in the world of gaming, one that even led her to create her own gaming YouTube channel a few years ago. While the channel isn’t overly active these days, Asuka rarely misses an opportunity to show off her love for gaming whenever she can. Before becoming a star in WWE, Asuka was a video game journalist and freelance graphic designer.

8 Mick Foley – Stand-Up Comedy

One of the best things about Mick Foley is just how charismatic the man can be on a regular basis. With such a high level of charisma, fans shouldn’t be all that surprised that he often tries his hand at stand-up comedy.

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One might think that Foley’s journey into the world of comedy is something that would be rather short-lived, but that’s far from the truth. Fans of Mick Foley try to see as many of his appearances as possible as he still quite often brings the laughs across America with his stand-up set.


7 Rhea Ripley – Pogo-Sticking

Rhea Ripley has become one of the more imposing figures to grace the WWE’s women’s division over the last few years. Her more serious image may make her special talent related to a pogo stick seem somewhat surprising to many.

While many people may remember pogo-sticking as a relatively simple pastime from their youth, Ripley has claimed to take it a step further. Whether true or not, it’s been claimed that Ripley could do well over 100 hops without the use of her hands.

6 Dolph Ziggler – Sign Language

Whether wrestling fans love or hate Dolph Ziggler, it’s hard to deny how talented the guy is. He tends to favor the more arrogant character archetypes, but he actually has a surprising skill in his toolbelt, that being that he is fully fluent in American Sign Language.

While there isn’t too much to be said about someone’s fluency with something like sign language, it certainly is commendable. It’s skills like Sign Language that serve as a reminder that even if you aren’t personally a fan of a wrestler’s style, there still are reasons to give them credit in other areas.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura – Surfing

With how eccentric Shinsuke Nakamura is, he was bound to have some kind of less than common talent. While he is open about his love for surfing, many fans may be surprised to find out just how skilled of a surfer Nakamura actually is.

For fans who are curious to see the Japanese superstar hitting the waves, WWE has done a great job of uploading plenty of videos of Nakamura doing what he loves. Over the years, he has made it clear that wrestling is his first love, and that surfing is actually a great form of training.

4 Angelo Dawkins – Beatbox

Fans of the Street Profits likely enjoy the high energy that someone like Angelo Dawkins can bring to any WWE show. With how talented he is, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that he has other talents outside of wrestling.

While he actually has managed to show off this awesome talent to the WWE Universe on a few occasions, it never ceases to entertain many wrestling fans. There’s even a wide group of wrestling fans that want various songs to be beatboxed by both of the Street Profits and put up on streaming sites.

3 Finn Balor – Lego

While this talent could be argued as more of a hobby, there are many who’d view skill with Legos as a talent. Finn Balor is somewhat widely known as a huge Lego fan who enjoys kicking back and relaxing while building something incredible.

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It may be hard to imagine the usually cool and leather-clad Balor staying in for a relaxing evening of lego model building, but that’s exactly what he does. Many fans know about his love and skill with the blocks, and so they’ll often bring their own creations for him to see at meet and greets.

2 Kairi Sane – Yachting/Sailing

While Kairi Sane’s hidden talent may be a little on the nose due to her gimmick, it’s probably surprising for many of her fans to learn that she is an avid boating and yacht enthusiast. Enthusiast may even be an understatement as it has been said that at one point she may have had Olympic aspirations for sailing.

Sane is apparently so skilled in the art of sailing that she even won plenty of national competitions before she ever became a professional wrestler. For fans who had no clue about her skills, her pirate-style gimmicks may make more sense.

1 Jeff Hardy – Musician

Few wrestling superstars come across as strange as Jeff Hardy. The man is quite the character, and due to that, he’s tried his hand at various talents over the years. One of his most unique talents stems from his self-taught music career.

It’s entirely possible that many of Jeff Hardy’s fans have no idea that he actually has an extensive discography for them to check out. Hardy released albums in 2013, 2015, and 2017 with plenty of additional musical content throughout the years. While his sound may not be for everyone, it’s worth checking out for any big Jeff Hardy fans.

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