Despite being trained for years, wrestlers make mistakes all the time. From simple moves to even their finishers, these stars don’t always get things right. While some botches can be pretty ugly and career-threatening, it isn’t always so bad. Most botches go unnoticed by the fans, and even when they do notice, they forget about it almost instantly and move on.

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Although, that’s not the case with every botch. Some are just way too hilarious to forget about, and sometimes they are even remembered more than the matches and events. There are certain botches that will live on as hilarious blunders by the performers.

8 Finn Balor

Once in 2015, NXT did a house show where Finn Balor also wrestled. The problem was, the ceiling of the building was criminally low. So when Balor tried to perform the Coup de Grace, he hit the ceiling.

This was a pretty hilarious moment for fans who attended the show live, as well as for those who watched this image on the internet. WWE probably didn’t intend for this to happen, and there’s a chance that Balor intentionally botched it just for the fun of it.

7 Jeff Hardy

At the Greatest Royal Rumble, Jeff Hardy faced Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship. The match wasn’t that good, but it had at least one moment that fans still remember.

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When Jeff tried to hit the Whisper in the Wind on Mahal, the latter was out of position, so Hardy didn’t connect. While the announcers tried to cover it up, everyone had noticed that these two were nowhere near to each other. What made this botch even funnier is that Jinder still tried to sell it. But this wasn’t the most memorable moment of the show. Titus O’Neil’s fall under the ring is still considered the best thing about this event.


6 Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is considered one of the best high-flyers in WWE. But even Mysterio has botched a lot of his moves, and many in hilarious ways. In 2019, he joined Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-Up and was involved in a segment with Elias that night.

When Mysterio tried to perform a springboard move on him, Elias couldn’t catch him and the result was pretty ugly to watch. Mysterio delivered the rest of the move pretty awkwardly and then he was also laid out by Lars Sullivan. It would be safe to say that this wasn’t the best night in Mysterio’s career.

5 AJ Styles

While he’s wildly considered as one of the best wrestlers in the world, AJ Styles has also made tons of botches in the ring. During the Chikara King of Trios tournament in 2015, the Bullet Club faced Battle Hive.

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But during this match, Styles botched his signature move, the Phenomenal Forearm. He slipped while performing the maneuver, and later blamed the ropes. Styles then turned this botch into a gimmick as well, proving that even when he makes a mistake, Styles manages to remain as professional as possible.

4 Miro

Once Miro teamed up with Kip Sabian to face Lee Johnson and Sean Maluta. He won the match by putting Sean under the Camel Clutch submission. But Miro botched this move. When he pulled back, his hands weren’t even connected to Maluta’s face. This particular submission hold looked lees painful and more hilarious.

3 The Elite

Some months ago, The Elite faced Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, and the Jurassic Express in an eight-man tag team match. During the end of this match, Omega tried to powerbomb Luchasarus and he even got help from Superkliq but still collapsed under his weight.

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They later joked about this botch on an episode of BTE where The Elite couldn’t lift Nakazawa because he was way too heavy. They managed to make a gag out of Omega’s in-ring blunder.

2 Sasha Banks

During the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match, there was a spot where Sasha Banks had to land some kicks to Lita. She did, but the problem with that was none of them really connected. That spot looked very awkward and funny to most fans. Lita tried her best to sell the kicks, but fans weren’t buying them. Both Banks and Lita are revolutionary women’s wrestlers, but in that moment, something just wasn’t clicking between the two stars.

1 Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio wrestled each other at Hell in a Cell 2012. It was the opening match of the night, where fans saw Alberto deliver the “flying nothing” maneuver to Orton when he got onto the ropes and then jumped down on nothing.

After that, these two exchanged a few simple blows in perhaps the most awkward way. This was the same match where Orton turned a jumping enzuigiri into a well-timed RKO. Unfortunately, the botch gets talked about more than this incredible spot.

The 10 Most Memorable Botches In WWE History

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