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WWE Legend Lists His Problems With Today’s Product, Cites Changing Fans – WrestlingRumors.net



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Can you blame him? WWE has been around for a long time now but the company is certainly undergoing some problems at the moment. There have been a lot of challenges for the company and the fans are not exactly watching as much as they used to. At the same time, the company has released all kinds of wrestlers in a short amount of time. This can make for some confusing moments, with one legend seeming to agree.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler appeared on Busted Open Radio and spoke about the current WWE product. Lawler said that it can be hard to watch at times, as he felt like he needed to cram for an exam to know what is going on and who everyone is. He went on to say that things change so fast these days and fans have a shorter attention span. As a result, WWE has to keep things constantly moving to keep up, which can make things harder to remember.

Here are some of Lawler’s comments, with transcription courtesy of Wrestlinginc.com:

On Modern WWE

“Sometimes it’s sort of hard for me to watch. I just got my schedule to be at Survivor Series, and so it’s almost like cramming for an exam back when you were at school. I really have to go back and watch some shows, and make some notes, and find out what is actually going on.”

On His Problems With Modern WWE

“I don’t see how the guys in the business — it’s so tough to be doing that on a daily basis. Doing the commentary for Raw and SmackDown now, to me, it’s almost brutal to have to know and remember. The talent changes so fast and everything is so short now. It’s not the fault of wrestling, people love to talk about how wrestling has changed. Wrestling has not changed.

“It’s the fans, it’s the society that’s changed. We’ve got a short attention span now. You have to, in the wrestling business, you have to realize there’s so much more stuff that fans can watch. So, you have to keep this here show so exciting every minute that people are watching or they’re going to switch over and start watching TikTok. It’s changed in that respect, and sometimes for me, it’s hard to follow.”

Lawler might be on to something. Check out some of his better moments and some of the modern material:


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