Sunday, October 2, 2022

This two-building residence in Japan uses shadows and light to create a rhythm in the living spaces


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In a nod to traditional Japanese architecture, he used moveable shoji screens as a design element in the living area. “In the olden days, Japanese buildings were all made of wood with thin glass windows and vertical columns, so they were open to wind. Having shoji screens inside the building helped to block the wind which would provide thermal insulation, which is the original way of using them,” he said.

In this modern home, the screens function as a room divider to diffuse and soften the natural light streaming into the space where his mother practises and teaches calligraphy.

It is no surprise then that his mother, Masako, loves this carefully curated room. “Calligraphy is a quiet activity. I think I have a good balance in everything, including my mental health, by having hobbies that are quiet and dynamic,” she said.

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