It’s been a tough two years since Thanksgiving 2019, the last one pre-COVID. We’ve been through a lot.

The pandemic now has killed more people this year than last. A crazy election. Then another crazy one with the recall. Riots. Controversial legal trials and vaccines. So much more.

But let’s count our blessings this Thanksgiving 2021 right here in OC.

Although not perfect, OC’s health system is robust, and has been so especially for this plague. I know. As I write, I’m on Day 6 recovering from COVID.

When I got the symptoms, I called my doctor of 20 years. As we had discussed the last time I saw him for a checkup, he said I should go to Hoag Irvine, get the test, then if it’s positive, get Regeneron.

I did that. Test positive. They pumped the potion to me through an IV, and it probably helped relieve the systems. Then they sent me home with the usual instructions. The ER staff there was so fantastic they deserve their own reality TV show.

I’m not out of the woods yet and am self-isolating and working at home, while friends and GrubHub drop off C-rations at my door. The main symptoms are tolerable: no fever, but wheezing, coughing, dizziness and a lot of fatigue. I’ve known others who had it much worse, one landing in the hospital for a week.

The ugly oil spill also reminded us how much we love the beach, and how good our cleanup crews are. I have a $20 Senior Pass to the California State Parks, good except for peak season, and go to Huntington Beach State Park once or twice a week. So it was sad being denied that. But now it’s back. Although now I’m not because I’m cooped up. Oh well.

One public service I use a lot is our libraries. Especially those in Orange, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and the OC Public Libraries, which are in many cities. Even in these internet days, they are essential for research, hang out among the books or get help from a librarian.

Most of them also have book sales, which always leave me carrying a load of $1 volumes under my arm, plus a couple more at 25 cents. As if I needed more, or had room for them. But I always find something interesting that “I’m sure I’ll read later.”

Let’s be thankful for our great, battered country, the United States of America. We still have more freedoms than anybody else on earth. The First Amendment still flies high even as free speech increasingly is restricted in Europe and even Canada.

The next number in the Bill of Rights is what I call, Second Amendment, First Freedom. Because if you can’t have a gun to defend the other rights, they won’t last long – as we’ve seen in Europe and Canada.

Finally, we Baby Boomers are getting a special treat on Thanksgiving Day, “Get Back,” the six-hour documentary of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” sessions from 1969, directed by Peter Jackson, of “Lord of the Rings” directorial fame. I saw the 80-minute documentary when it first came out in 1970, but it’s been almost totally unavailable since.

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