KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been a series of very violent days and nights in Kansas City, adding to the already alarming and heartbreaking trend of shootings.

“Essentially, your non-fatal shootings are about three times the rate of your already extremely high homicide numbers,” said Chief Operating Officer of ADHOC, Brandon Mims. “We just have a whole bunch of attempted homicides that essentially didn’t occur. It has drained our system.”

The Kansas City Police Department reports there have been 387 non-deadly shootings this year, compared to more than 400 last year. Roughly a 20% decrease.

The year 2020 was Kansas City’s most deadly years on record with 179 homicides.

This month, 28 people have been shot and lived to tell their story. But instead of focusing on the numbers, focusing on the impact.

“I got shot in my face, right here and right here,” said Joshua Gardner. “It’s just amazing, I’m here. I’m a testimony.”

While the scars fade, the trauma doesn’t. Months later, Joshua Garner is still rebuilding his life.

He was shot point blank back in August when he said a gunman rushed up to his car and demanded he exit.

He spent days in the hospital and days wondering how he became a statistic.

“I’m thankful and I’m blessed and want to let people know there is a God out here and put down the guns. We all need to come together,” Gardner said.

Mims said the amount of shootings and trauma that follows is upsetting.

ADHOC has program called ‘Caring for Crime Survivors’ in partnership with the Jackson County’s Prosecutor’s Office.

It specifically targets non-deadly shooting victims.

Mims said they’ve provided services for 97 people this year, including counseling.

The organization is having a conversation about how to reach the rest of the hundreds of other shooting victims and also keep the shootings from happening in the first place.

“When I go in someone’s home, which I do every single day, or hospital and see someone because they’ve been shot in the stomach, on crutches on in a wheelchair, you just think to yourself, this is senseless,” Mims said.


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