Maine voters soundly rejected the Central Maine Power Co. corridor on Tuesday, with 15 of 16 counties favoring the yes side on Question 1, which aims to block the 145-mile transmission line.

The fight over the corridor project is likely not over. CMP was continuing work on the project Wednesday as its political group indicated it finds the referendum unconstitutional and plans to challenge it in court.

Statewide, 59 percent of voters cast ballots for the yes side, while Aroostook County was the only county to see a majority of voters vote no. The municipality with the highest share of yes votes was Dennistown in Somerset County, which is near the corridor but not crossed by it. Fourteen of 16 voters there favored the yes side. Deblois in Washington County saw the greatest share of no votes, with 16 of 22 voters casting ballots in favor of the corridor.

See how each town in Maine voted by using the tool below.

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