Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson said he “didn’t want his fingerprints” on the so-called “early treatment summit” held in Anchorage Saturday at Changepoint church, so he concealed the role played by his administration in setting up the event. In effect, he lied to the public.

The recording posted by the anonymous organization muted the first two minutes and 50 seconds of the mayor’s remarks, in which he said he had hidden his role in organizing the summit.

Introduced as a “true patriot,” Bronson was praised as the man who is “probably the reason we are able to make this happen. I’d say he’s helped organize a lot of what’s happening behind the scenes.” The introduction was muted as well.

Someone forgot to tell Suzanne Downing to silence the mayor’s admission. Downing has repeatedly claimed that the summit was “organized by a group of concerned Alaskans in the medical field,” not by the mayor. The audio she posted contained Bronson’s admission of helping set up the event.

Bronson spoke for about 10 minutes. In the first three minutes, he made it clear that he had hidden his role in organizing the event. (Those are the comments silenced in the video posted by the anonymous organizers.) This was not an accident.

He said his personal doctor “came to my staff and said this group needs to come up here and speak.”

“For political reasons, we didn’t want my fingerprints all over it,” he said. Bronson said he wanted doctors who don’t agree with those challenging the accepted COVID treatments to hear what “we believe is the truth.”

“The truth will get us through this. The data will get us to the truth. That’s what we’re trying to do,” he said.

As a candidate, Bronson said that if there was a pandemic, it ended in the summer of 2020.

Now, he says there is a pandemic.

“I’m not saying there’s no pandemic, there is,” he said.

“History, I think, is going to judge these doctors, these professionals very, very well,” said Bronson. “It’s gonna to judge other folks, including health care professionals, quite poorly. I just decided I was gonna be on the right side of history on this.”

At least twice, members of the crowd yelled, “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is code for “Fuck Joe Biden.”

“I’m not Brandon,” Bronson said both times, laughing.

He said he was opposed to mandates. “Mandates actually create a very corrosive influence in our society.”

“Chinese government treats this, this is an intentional thing. It’s to separate Americans from Americans based on whatever they can find. It creates friction in society and I’m just trying to reduce that friction and not do mandates. And let just people exercise their free will.”

“Once we get on the mandate path we open up a Pandora’s Box that we’re not gonna be able to close again because it conditions us to think that local government officials like mayors can stand up to tell you to put something on your face or something in your arm.”

Bronson said he “may have made a couple mistakes, removing a plexiglass shield or something like that, but that’s a different issue.”

Bronson claimed that after a “long dinner” with the guest speakers, he came away certain that the critics that he helped bring to Anchorage represent the “best science available.”

He claimed that there are a “lot of wrong people involved” in dealing with the pandemic and “our job is to bring them over to the truth based on the facts in as polite a way as we can.’”

He said he has been called anti-vaccine, anti-mask, but he’s just anti-mandates.

“That’s why I don’t want my name on it,” he said of the event he helped organize.

“Mandates are hurting us,” he said.

He never mentioned the deaths and the hospitalizations that are hurting us far more than mandates.

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