CHICAGO (CBS) — It would be tough to question Gilbert Redman’s loyalty.

On Monday, the diehard White Sox fan got a Leury Garcia tattoo.


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Because the Chicago White Sox right fielder changed Sunday’s American League Division Series game with a clutch home run—when the team needed it most.

“I lost my mind,running around my kitchen,” Redman said.

But before that electric moment, the Sox were struggling.

So Redman sent a prayer in the form of a tweet—moments before Garcia stepped to the plate.

He made this deal: He will get a tat if Garcia hits a home run.

The White Sox social media team saw that tweet. A promise is a promise, they replied.

“I’m a man of my word. So I knew I was going to have to get the tattoo,” said Redman. “Then the White Sox put it out there, so I knew then I have to do it. I can’t let these people down.”

Redman will now have Garcia’s name, his jersey number, Sundays date and the word “legend” forever on his leg.

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“My loyalty is undying at this point it’s on my skin now,” he said.

Clearly, Gilbert came through with his end of the deal after the Game 3 win, but the White Sox also had some wizardry in the stands.

Rob Holt was using a cane to cast spells on the Astros.

“You have no strength, you will never get on base—you have no strength you will never get on base,” Hold said of his sorcery.

He’s now the cane guy—the White Sox wizard—or whatever you want to call him.

“I was just being a goof; I was just screwing around,” he said.

The cameras caught Holt hexing the Astros—and there no denying the power inside his cane.

Whenever the South Side sorcerer pointed the cane, magic happened for the White Sox. Holt became an instant fan legend—people even posed for pictures bowing down to the cane.

Whether or not you believe in magic—Holt still believes in his team. And is embracing his new role.

“I understand I’m 71 years old and I probably look like a dork but it’s a ballgame and it was fun,” Holt said. “It makes people happy.”

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The Sox front office quickly picked up on Holt and his powerful cane, and offered him tickets to the pivotal Game Four on Tuesday.

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