Published: 10/30/2021 7:00:16 AM

We are writing to ask you to vote for Tom Croteau for Concord Charter Commission and district treasurer. Tom, a life-long resident of Concord and a career educator, has a unique perspective serving as a teacher, principal and Concord School Board member. His love of children and his dedication to public schools is evident in his tireless and thoughtful advocacy on behalf of all students in Concord throughout his career.

Tom cares deeply about our schools, the district and our city. He is level headed, open-minded, a careful listener and will consider the perspective of all residents in any decision-making for the Charter Commission. When addressing important issues such as budgeting procedure, elections and how the district conducts its business, Tom will carefully consider the needs of students and Concord’s taxpayers. Tom is the right choice to fill this important post. Please join Lori Savoy and me in voting for Tom Croteau on November 2.

Kristin Phillips



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