Saturday, September 24, 2022

Kevin Nash Goes Off On CM Punk Complaining About Being Tired


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Kevin Nash absolutely went off on CM Punk regarding the former AEW Champion’s comments about being tired, especially considering his age.

The fact that CM Punk said he was “tired” when speaking to the media following his title win at All Out is laughable to some. Particularly, Kevin Nash has taken aim at the former AEW Champion because he specifically remembers when Punk called him out for still being in the ring at a much older age.

Nash spoke about Punk’s status in the wrestling world on his podcast “Kliq This” and didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion of “The Best in the World”. He found it ironic and fairly pathetic that Punk would complain, at the “mere” age of 42 that he’s tired when Punk was quick to knock Nash for his age back when they share a ring together. Nash sarcastically said, “At 42 years old, Phil is tired. He added, “He’s beat up. I was in the ring at 55 and he was cutting the promo on me, ‘Click. Click, I can hear your knees, lol. I thought you were dead’ That motherfu**er is cutting that promo on me and he sits there at 42 years old.”


Nash wasn’t impressed that Punk seemed to be looking for sympathy during his media avail, especially since he’s not been in the wrestling industry for years. Nash claimed that Punk was losing his mind making fun of someone else about age and said, “I thought about that and I googled him. I said, 42. The dude didn’t wrestle for 10 fu**ing years. It’s like a ‘75 Eldorado with 102 miles on it.” He finished with, “Motherfu**er, don’t tell me you’re tired. Shut the fu*k up.”

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Nash Called Out The EVPs Too

Nash then took a shot at other roster members in AEW who were involved in the backstage melee that has garnered so much attention of late. He called them out for not understanding the privileged position they were in and not being able to work it all out behind the scenes. In some much more colorful language, Nash said their behavior is a terrible example to set and an “effective way to fu**ing manage. What a bunch of sh*t.”

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