The ACU Wildcats are in the midst of a 2-game losing skid after falling to Eastern Kentucky, but that’s not what most folks are talking about this week.

Uniforms are the topic.


The Wildcats thought they were cleared to wear gray uniforms against Eastern Kentucky.

As it turns out, they were not cleared because the road team is required to wear white, and after the miscommunication, ACU was penalized a total of 30 yards and four time outs for wearing illegal uniforms.

Head Coach Adam Dorrel says,”They were very upset, which is good, that’s what you want them to be. I was upset, we were all upset. Honestly I think we tried to make it as a positive and we did. I just told them before the game, we’re not going to let 30-yards of penalties and four timeouts define who we are today. I personally don’t believe that’s why we lost the football game. The lack of execution, we didn’t play with a lot of energy like we have this year, but yeah it was certainly a frustrating incident, and a disappointing incident. Something that we’ve got to learn from moving forward.”

The Wildcats are coming home this week for their Homecoming game.

ACU hosts Lamar, who they beat a month ago, 56-0.

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