Gov. Phil Murphy (D) holds a 25-point lead over GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli among voters aged 50 and older, according to survey numbers from Fairleigh Dickinson University and AARP.

Some 56% of registered voters 50 and over said they will support incumbent Gov. Murphy in the Nov. 2 election. Just 31% said they would back Ciattarelli. The remaining 13% either were undecided, said they would vote for no one, or said they would support someone else.

Murphy held on to most Democratic older voters with 89 percent saying they will support him in the upcoming election and just 3% saying they’ll back Ciattarelli. Among Republican respondents, 84% said they will vote for Ciattarelli and 9 percent said they will vote for Murphy.

‘50 Plus Voters Decide Elections’

“Ciattarelli has had to walk a tightrope this entire race,” said Dan Cassino, a professor of government and politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Executive Director of the poll. “He needs to voice enough support for Trump to hold on to his base, but not so much as to alienate moderates. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, but there’s just no pleasing everyone.”

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The survey results are bad news for Ciattarelli.

“Fifty-plus voters decide elections,” said Stephanie Hunsinger, AARP New Jersey state director. “If they want to win, candidates must address how they’ll make New Jersey a place where we can safely, affordably and happily grow older.”

Murphy Strength

Murphy had the strongest support in the urban core counties of Northern New Jersey, where FDU and AARP’s survey results showed Murphy with a 40-point lead over Ciattarelli, 62 to 22.

Margins were far closer in the coastal counties of south Jersey where both candidates drew 43% of the vote.

“If he wants this race to be competitive, Ciattarelli has to run up numbers along the coast, and stay competitive in the Northern suburbs,” Cassino said. “So far, he’s just not doing it.”

Jack’s Problem With Conservatives

Murphy proved popular with liberal voters over age 50, 83% of whom said they will check the box for him on Nov. 2. Ciattarelli, though, only drew the support of 65% of conservatives over 50.

FDU and AARP said that Murphy’s approval ratings have fallen overall, but his support among voters 50 and older has remained high with 67% of voters saying they approve of the job he’s doing and 26% disapproving.

Among Republicans, 28% say that they approve of the job Murphy is doing as governor, and 65 percent disapprove. The survey, which had 802 respondents, was conducted between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, using a certified list of registered voters ages 50 years and older in New Jersey.

Among overall likely voters, Murphy led Ciattarelli by 9 percentage points in a Stockton University poll released Sept. 29. Murphy has maintained a double digit lead for most of the campaign going back to when each won their parties nomination in June.

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