Call it a generation gap? There have been all kinds of talented wrestlers in the world over the years but a lot of them have come from very different backgrounds. You can see all kinds of wrestlers with varying personalities and characteristics and some of them can not see eye to eye. That is the case with two names from different generations who seem to see things a bit differently.

During a recent edition of his Kliq This podcast, former World Champion Kevin Nash talked about CM Punk’s recent comments at the AEW All Out media scrum. Nash took issue with Punk saying that he was tired and beat up. Nash mentioned that Punk is 42 years old and nine years ago mocked Nash, then 55, for still wrestling and having bad knees. Here are some of Nash’s comments, with transcription courtesy of

The dude didn’t wrestle for 10 fu**ing years. It’s like a ‘75 Eldorado with 102 miles on it. Motherfu**er, don’t tell me you’re tired. Shut the fu*k up. All you guys at AEW, you bunch of dumb motherfu**ers. You bunch of dumb motherfu**ers. You’re 1099s. You know what that means? You were painting somebody’s fu**ing house, you guys got in a fight, and they told you you’re all suspended. Wasn’t it after the fu**ing deal? You guys can’t work that out? I haven’t heard if they were suspended without pay. So they’re the fu**ing cop that fu**ing shoots the guy 23 times in the back and then sits at his desk. That’s an effective way to fu**ing manage. What a bunch of s***.”

Opinion: I can see both sides of this, as Punk did call out Nash for something similar, though Punk has wrestled a rather different style than Nash over the years. That being said, Punk hasn’t exactly come off looking great at times over the years and this rant didn’t help things. I’m not sure what is next for him, but Nash does make a point by saying Punk is complaining about something he complained about in others before.

What do you think of Nash’s comments? Will Punk wrestle again? Let us know in the comments below.

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