Friday, October 7, 2022

Dolph Ziggler Says He Hasn’t Noticed Much Change Behind Scenes In WWE


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Dolph Ziggler knows there’s been a change in WWE behind the scenes, but he says the process of getting the show out hasn’t changed all that much.

While the fans of WWE are praising the work that Triple H has done creatively, and there’s talk that WWE headquarters has a better vibe with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan not promoting an environment of fear, not everyone is seeing the change that has been so frequently discussed when it comes to the wrestling company sports entertainment giant. Dolph Ziggler is among those who haven’t noticed any real differences.

This is not to say he’s finding the lack of change a bad thing or that he’s denying things are different. He’s merely saying his experience behind the scenes hasn’t changed much even though there’s been a massive shift. In speaking with the “In The Kliq Podcast.“, Ziggler stated, “I haven’t really noticed anything different, you know? Everyone’s like, ‘Oh cool, someone else is calling the shots,’ but it’s still – it’s all this group, team effort where everyone is pitching ideas.” He praised WWE under both regimes and said that everyone on the team is there to try and produce great storytelling and he thinks WWE continues to do so and already did. He also noted that it’s a team effort backstage to put on the best product and that hasn’t changed.


Ziggler said the talent is surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the business and the group effort makes it something special. He noted that Triple H’s door is always open and while Mondays and Fridays are extremely chaotic and busy, there’s always an opportunity to talk to him and help encourage the creative process. He said that everyone backstage was wondering if things would change, but that feeling hasn’t rippled through the locker room, good or bad. Everyone still does their job and everyone tries to produce the best product possible.

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Change Is Good, Too Much Might Not Be

What Ziggler is essentially saying is that despite the big changes in management, there hasn’t been a big shift in the way the roster approaches doing the job they are there to do. The person everyone reports to is now different, but the process isn’t terribly different than it used to be.

That makes sense as change that works comes with time. It’s hard to completely overhaul something in a matter of weeks.

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