This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite in Chicago kicked off with a hot segment between CM Punk and MJF.

Punk was in the ring and ready to start his match with QT Marshall when MJF interrupted to respond after he was interrupted by Punk last week.

MJF brought up that Punk never brought him up during the press and said that he’s ready to drop nukes on Punk. Punk responded by saying that he’s disappointed in MJF and he knows that MJF has a poster of Punk on his wall. Punk also said that he shut up “the great MJF” last week without saying a word and it took him a week to try to come up with good zingers. Punk called MJF a less famous Miz.

MJF responded by calling Punk nostalgia and he was a fan of Punk because Punk was the best on the microphone but Punk has struggled to beat the competition since his return and he hasn’t said anything of intrigue. MJF then said that Punk has been kissing ass while he’s been in AEW.  MJF also referred to him as “PG Punk” and that renegade and outsider is not here anymore and he should just preach “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.”

MJF said that Punk made excuses during his 7 years away and he was making comic books and movies that nobody saw. MJF suggested that maybe Punk could not hang anymore. MJF said in the other company people looked at Punk as the cult hero that should have been the number 1 guy.

MJF added that Punk has been the second-best to John Cena and Triple H and things will be the same for him in AEW.

Punk responded and admitted that he was scared and he didn’t know if the fans would remember or care and he didn’t know if he still had it but he’s not scared any longer and he’s not scared of MJF. Punk offered to fight MJF tonight in Chicago but MJF backed away to the backstage area.


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