This week’s edition of AEW Rampage (which was taped in Boston following Wednesday’s Dynamite) kicked off with Bryan Danielson advancing to the finals of the World Title Eliminator Tournament following a thrilling match with Eddie Kingston. Since it’s Halloween, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker went one-on-one with an appropriately creepy opponent in the main event.

Winner: Bryan Danielson Vs. Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson haven’t shared a ring together since 2010, but that didn’t stop tearing the house down in their AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament semi-final match which kicked off this week’s edition of Rampage.

The two men were evenly matched as they attempted to fee each other out, but Kingston soon gained the upper hand and got in a surprising amount of offense on Danielson. At one point Kington suplexed Danielson on the outside and almost won the match by countout, but Danielson broke the count on 9.9. The two men traded strikes as the tables started to turn. Danielson tried to lock Kingston in a Fujiwara Armbar, but Kingston countered into a stiff DDT.

Danielson threw all he could at his opponent, but he couldn’t put the resilient New Yorker away until he locked him in a triangle choke after pummeling Kingston with elbows to the head. After the match, the victorious Danielson extended his hand to Kingston, who refused the gesture.

Winner: World Title Eliminator Tournament Booking

AEW’s World Tits Eliminator Tournament has been exquisitely booked. All the matchups made sense, and every match was decent at worst. On paper, it was somewhat predictable who was going to make it to the final, but once the tournament actually began it seemed like any competitor could conceivably win (with the exception of Preston Vance, who never stood a chance, obviously).

It looks like we’re going to get a Moxley vs. Danielson final and if that’s the case, the tournament will almost certainly go down as one of the most memorable in pro wrestling history.

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Loser: Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal lost to upstart Dante Martin in a casual banger of a match that showed why Martin is now of the most highly-rated youngsters in the business. This match was billed as the third of a trilogy, although branding was a little last-minute since the match was originally scheduled to be a tag match also featuring Mike Sydal and Martin’s associate Lio Rush.

Sydal’s experience led him to victory in the first two matches, but Martin had the veteran well and truly figured out by the time part three rolled around. The youngster utilized his high-flying prowess perfectly and put Sydal away with a smooth as silk Moonsault. After the bell, the announce team implied that Lio Rush had been partly responsible for Martin’s victory since Martin had been unable to defeat Sydal before he linked up with Lio.

Loser: Stubborn Table

In the main event, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker went one-on-one with the horrifying Abadon in a non-title “Trick or Treat” no disqualification match. The match started off a tad awkwardly, but the two women quickly found a groove thanks, in part, to the stipulation. At one point, an NJPW-style table proved to be a nuisance when he refused to crack under two separate maneuvers, causing the competitors to land with a thud on its surface.

Baker referred to herself as a hardcore legend earlier in the evening, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prove her wrong. The thumbtacks re-appeared in this match and were used in a really creative way. Baker put some tacks in Abadon’s mouth and super kicked the ghoulish girl in the face, but was then hesitant to lock in the Lockjaw due to the horrific scene inside her opponent’s mouth.

Full Results And Noteworthy Moments

  • Bryan Danielson def. Eddie Kingston via referee stoppage with a Triangle Chokehold
  • After their match, Danielson offered his hand for Kingston shake, but Kingston stormed off angrily
  • Tony Schiavone was interviewing CM Punk backstage when the irate Eddie Kingston interrupted and accused Punk of laughing at him. Punk asked Kingston if he wants to go to sleep again as Kingston was led away by officials
  • Dante Martin (w/Lio Rush) def. Matt Sydal via pinfall with a Moonsault
  • Mark Henry interviewed Abadon and Britt Baker in a pre-match backstage split-screen segment. Abadon made creepy noises, spat blood, and then disappeared
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD (w/Jamie Hayter & Rebel) def. Abadon via pinfall with a rollup due to interference from Hayter and Rebel

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