Jungle Boy has been one of AEW’s most exciting performers from the moment the company began. It has been clear that Tony Khan sees a lot in him, which is why he has been pushed heavily as one of the four pillars of the company.

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It hasn’t taken long for Jungle Boy to become popular with audiences, and that is something that is only going to keep growing. However, as his stock rises, so will the interest in his life and career. People always want to know as much as possible about a talent, and there are plenty of interesting things about Jungle Boy.

10 How He Got His Name

Because Jungle Boy entered AEW under that name, most fans presume that is what he’s always worked under. However, that isn’t the case. When he originally started wrestling, his ring name was Nate Coy, but that ended up changing.

It was the wrestling fans who forced that to happen. Because of his long wavy hair, fans began to liken him to Tarzan. That led to audiences chanting, “Jungle Boy,” at him. Because it became so catchy, he just decided to roll with it, which was a smart decision.

9 Famous Father

This is something that AEW pushed heavily early on in his career. However, for fans that have followed the product more recently, they may not be aware that Jungle Boy has a famous father. That’s because his dad is Luke Perry.

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The late actor is someone who loved the wrestling industry and had appeared with WWE at points as a celebrity. This is what inspired Jungle Boy down this road, and that is why fans will often hear JR refer to him as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.


8 Attending SummerSlam

Because his father was such a big wrestling fan, Jungle Boy ended up being able to attend shows throughout his life. Funnily enough, there was one moment at the 2009 SummerSlam PPV where he ended up being on camera during the show.

WWE was looking to promote the fact that Luke Perry was attending due to his celebrity status. But sitting next to him was a young Jungle Boy, which is an interesting moment to look back upon now that he has become a star himself.

7 Wrestled David Arquette

In another link to his father, Jungle Boy is one of few people that have had a match with David Arquette. The former WCW World Champion is well-known for his links with professional wrestling. He is a major fan, and he also happened to be friends with Luke Perry.

After Luke’s unfortunate passing, Jungle Boy and David Arquette ended up having a match against each other. The two men competed in a tribute bout, which was a touching moment that fans appreciated.

6 100 AEW Matches

Jungle Boy has been a focal point for AEW from its inception. Whether it is tag team matches or singles bouts, he has been so successful. He has made huge improvements inside of the ring throughout that time, becoming one of the top talents on the roster.

But because he was used so often, Jungle Boy became the first wrestler in the history of the company to compete in 100 matches. It is a huge milestone for him, not only showcasing the trust Tony Khan has in him but also the ability to continuously perform at such a high level.

5 Dating Anna Jay

Relationships within professional wrestling have become commonplace over the years, and fans love to see their favorites together. Due to how much time wrestlers spend around each other, it is no surprise there are so many relationships, and Jungle Boy happens to be in one of them.

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He is dating fellow AEW star, Anna Jay, with the two of them getting into a relationship in 2021. While they have gone public with that information, they’re not over the top with that, which is why some people still don’t know about it.

4 Backstage Work With Christian Cage

AEW decided to pair Christian Cage with Jurassic Express, which has been brilliant to watch. He has suited the group and having an experienced name with a lot of star power has helped them. But they aren’t only working together on-screen.

Jungle Boy has revealed that Christian has become a legitimate mentor for him. The former WWE Superstar has been helping to get the young talent to the next level. He is guiding him on how to put matches together with the story, rather than just focusing on moves.

3 Not Originally Planning To Be A Tag Team

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are a perfect match together. Their gimmicks work in unison. While inside of the ring, they compliment each other’s style, which allows other tag team matches to be so much fun to watch. But that wasn’t always the plan.

They got put together randomly at an independent show. This was because a fan had noted it would be cool to see Jungle Boy ride to the ring on Luchasuarus’ shoulders. However, then they got a massive reaction from the fans and from then on they kept working together.

Not everybody can be a great talker, especially early in their careers. Jungle Boy doesn’t have the gift of the gab, which is something he’s admitted. He doesn’t like talking in wrestling, and he knows that it is a weak spot in his overall game.

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However, Jungle Boy dislikes promos so much he actively avoids doing them. The AEW star has revealed he will duck and hide to try and get out of the way when it comes to having to talk on the show.

1 Movie Appearance

Something that a lot of fans are unaware of about Jungle Boy is the fact he is in a movie. He only worked as an extra, sitting in a chair for a scene in the background. However, an eagle-eyed AEW fan will be able to spot him if they look hard enough.

The movie he appears in is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which was a major blockbuster hit. This was a Quentin Tarantino movie, making it a big deal, therefore it is a real honor for him to even be featured slightly.

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