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5 Things That AEW Need To Make Saraya A Success (& 5 Things They Need To Avoid)


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The wrestling world was left stunned after AEW’s Grand Slam event as Saraya made her debut for the company, becoming All Elite. The former WWE Superstar, previously known as Paige, is one of the most iconic names of her generation, and her return to wrestling was something that gained a ton of buzz for the company.

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While it is currently unclear just how active she will be in AEW, there are several steps that Tony Khan should and should not make to ensure that she is presented as a star to guarantee her signing becomes a success.


10 Need To Do: Allow Her To Wrestle

Of course, this one is very much dependent on whether or not Saraya can be medically cleared, as it is crucial that the company doesn’t risk her health just for the sake of getting a reaction. However, if it is possible then Tony Khan should absolutely put the Englishwoman into the ring.

Her return match would be a huge deal for the company, and it would also be a major shot in the arm for the women’s division on the whole. There are plenty of dream matches available for her, and getting her in the ring would lead to a lot of excitement from fans.

9 Should Avoid: Putting Her In A Tag Team

Something AEW has been quite guilty of is the need to put women in random tag teams all of the time, such as what the company tried to do with Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa, as well as others. While there will no doubt be times for her to work a tag team match, she doesn’t need to be placed into an official pairing.

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The company doesn’t have any tag team titles, so there is no method of pushing her in that manner. Instead, she should thrive on her own, which is when Saraya is at her best, as her character is pushed as a solo act.

8 Need To Do: Keep Her On Dynamite/Rampage

There have been several big signings in the past that gained massive reactions in AEW that were seemingly going to help the women’s division, only for them to wind up as part of their development shows. Ruby Soho is an example of that, who has since worked matches on AEW Dark.

While those shows obviously need some star power, they are primarily there for people who can’t get television time or those who are developing. That isn’t the case with Saraya, and to keep her looking like a top star she should remain on the two television shows.

7 Should Avoid: Hardcore Matches

While it’s unclear if Saraya will be wrestling moving forwards, if she is healthy enough to compete again then it would be wise to keep her away from any hardcore wrestling matches. AEW is different from today’s WWE in the sense that the company will push a lot of violent matches on a regular basis.

However, that doesn’t mean that every wrestler on the roster needs to be placed in that spot, and someone with a history of serious neck problems is a great example of that. Even if she can wrestle again, AEW should be careful with her to avoid any potential risks.

6 Need To Do: Use Her Star Power

When AEW has press opportunities, it often relies heavily upon the men to carry that load, positioning them as the major stars of the company. However, that is something that should change now because Saraya is a genuine star who is known around the world, even by non-wrestling fans.

The movie about her career is something that many people have seen, and it helped to make her a major name in the business. AEW is now able to tap into that, and it’s something that could help take the company to new heights in terms of exposure.

5 Should Avoid: Giving Her A Faction

Just as AEW shouldn’t put her into a tag team, the company should equally keep her out of any potential factions and not attempt to make her the leader of one. It’s something WWE tried in the past, but it didn’t end up working, and while there are several reasons for that, the ultimate one is that Saraya’s character should be a solo act.

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She’s someone who fights against the norms, standing up for what she believes in, and that is how she should exist in AEW. Of course, if she’s unable to wrestle, this would have to change, but if she can compete, she doesn’t need to get lost working alongside others.

4 Need To Do: Have A Similar Character

Saraya has always had a very specific character, being the anti-diva in WWE, and that is something that never changed throughout her career, even post-retirement. The reason it has worked so well for her is because that character is very much what Saraya is like in real life away from the ring.

The best characters in wrestling are always when people get to portray a version of themselves but turned up a notch. That is what Saraya has always tapped into, and considering how successful she’s been to date with that, it’s something that shouldn’t change.

3 Should Avoid: Turning Her Heel

Fans have been excited about the potential of Saraya returning to the ring ever since she began teasing the idea of it happening on social media, and the reaction she got at Grand Slam showcased how happy people were to see her back. However, there is always a potential with any new talent to hit an immediate swerve and turn them heel.

That can be effective at times, and there is no denying that Saraya has the ability to play that role very well. However, right now fans want to cheer for her, therefore a babyface role is how she should be deployed.

2 Need To Do: Focus On The Women’s Division

The big thing that AEW needs to do if they want to push Saraya and make her appear like a major star is to focus on its women’s division overall. This is an area that the company has struggled with massively, with every episode of Dynamite typically featuring just a single match with limited time.

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There is only so much that even someone like Saraya can do with limited time and moments to develop characters and storylines. Adding someone with such star power should lead to a big shift for the division generally, and if that happens she could benefit the entire company.

1 Should Avoid: Authority Figure

AEW has never had an authority figure up until this point, and that is something that has worked for the company as fans are aware that Tony Khan is around to book the matches. Saraya is a great talker, and she has taken up a General Manager role previously, which could lead to AEW considering her for that spot.

However, it would be wise for AEW to keep things going as they are because that element has worked to this point. Saraya doesn’t need to become an authority figure for the entire company, and instead, she should focus on helping the women’s division specifically.

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