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5 Best Tag Team Partners Of JBL’s Career (& 5 Worst)


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JBL enjoyed a Hall Of Fame career during his time in WWE, and while he was a fantastic singles wrestler, he also spent a lot of time in the tag team division. Whether he was consistently working with someone to try and capture tag team gold, or if it was a one-off for a featured match, JBL was able to do it all.

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He was able to work as an incredible heel at times, while he also worked effectively in a babyface role as well, which allowed him to have a variety of partners. Some proved to be brilliant for him, while others ended up falling flat, and didn’t lead to much success


10 Best: Steve Austin

Considering the fact Steve Austin is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time there is no surprise that he proved to be a great tag team partner for JBL. They worked together four times on episodes of Monday Night Raw, and they were undefeated throughout those encounters.

Both of them are hard-hitting Texans who hold nothing back inside the ring, therefore their connection ended up proving to be one that fans could connect with, and their styles were similar, which came across well inside the ring.

9 Worst: Finlay

Finlay and JBL had a brilliant rivalry during their WWE careers which led to them competing in a fantastic match at WrestleMania 24, which was a Belfast Brawl. However, what a lot of fans may not be aware of is the fact that they used to be a tag team many years before that.

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Their time together took place working for CWA, long before either man was competing at the highest level in professional wrestling. While they weren’t at their peak at this time, they ended up losing the majority of their matches, proving they weren’t a great tag team.

8 Best: Lita

Mixed tag team matches have become far more popular in recent times, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen during JBL’s career as well. He got the chance to work alongside Lita at the No Mercy 2000 PPV, when the two of them and Ron Simmons competed against T&A.

They ended up getting the best of that situation, proving that they were good partners, which is no surprise considering Lita’s incredible talent. While it was only a one-off moment, they combined well and showcased great chemistry as a unit.

7 Worst: Kane

JBL and Kane have very similar in-ring styles, which should have made them a great tag team inside of the ring, but that didn’t end up translating. Kane is a physical wrestler who doesn’t bring lots of tricks and flicks, and that no-nonsense style is what JBL brought to the ring as well.

However, when they competed alongside of each other as two top heels they didn’t end up picking up many victories. They were often taken down by their opponents, which is likely why this duo didn’t end up becoming a memorable force.

6 Best: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho and JBL have worked together as heels and babyfaces, and their versatility has always shone through with what they have done. Jericho teamed up with APA several times to great success earlier on in their careers, but it was as heels that their partnership really kicked in.

They got the chance to thrive in that manner with their matches, and they put together some brilliant performances that was matched with in-ring success, with Jericho proving to be a great partner for JBL.

5 Worst: Snitsky

Snitsky was placed alongside JBL several times throughout his career, with this being done on several episodes of Monday Night Raw to put together a random heel team. It wasn’t a major partnership that was pushed heavily in the long-term, but they were used frequently to compete against other babyfaces.

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It wasn’t a team that worked out well, and it was Snitsky that ended up taking the majority of the falls overall. They weren’t successful, which isn’t a huge surprise as Snitsky was never a top main event star.

4 Best: Blackjack Windham

Long before he began working the JBL gimmick that fans think about the most when it comes to him, he competed as Blackjack Bradshaw. It allowed him to be instantly put over as a hard-hitting star, and that was established when working alongside Blackjack Windham.

This was an established tag team, rather than being a random pairing like some of JBL’s other partners, and that helps to make Windham one of the best that he has worked with. Together they were enjoyable to watch, and they always knew how to entertain a crowd as a legitimate duo.

3 Worst: Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is a wrestling legend, and a fellow Hall Of Famer, so many would likely presume that they would have been great tag team partners, but that was not the case. Stratus teamed up with the APA several times during a feud with Billy and Chuck, as they had Jazz on their side.

However, they often ended up falling short, with this not proving to be a good combination, despite the incredible amount of talent that was involved in the team at that time.

2 Best: Ron Simmons

There is no doubt about who JBL’s greatest ever tag team partner is, as he and Ron Simmons brought the best out of each other. APA is one of the most iconic teams from the Attitude Era, with the two men putting together hard-hitting performances inside the ring, with hilarious beer drinking moments backstage.

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They were a no-nonsense duo that were impressive to watch, and because both of them were so physical they instantly ended up being taken seriously by fans. The two men held the WWE Tag Team Championships three times throughout their run, and that immediately helped to establish them as a great team.

1 Worst: Orlando Jordan

The partnership between JBL and Orlando Jordan did prove to be effective when they worked together as part of The Cabinet faction, as this period established JBL as a major star. It was also the best moment of Jordan’s career, but despite the group being a success, things never worked when they teamed together.

They didn’t seem to click as a tag team, losing almost every match that they ever had when working in that manner. Even in matches where they had a numbers advantage, it was still their opponent that would end up taking the victory.

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